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Figure 10 from: Rix M, Harvey M (2011) Australian Assassins, Part I: A review of the Assassin Spiders (Araneae: Archaeidae) of mid-eastern Australia. ZooKeys 123: 1-100. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.123.1448
Figure 10 - Austrarchaea nodosa (Forster, 1956). A–B, Cephalothorax and abdomen, lateral view: A, female (QMB S75416) from Lamington National Park, Queensland; B, male (QMB S75416) from Lamington National Park, Queensland. C, Male chelicerae, lateral view, showing accessory setae. D–F, Male (WAM T89592) pedipalp: D–E, bulb, retrolateral view; F, detail of distal tegular sclerites, prodistal view. G, Female (QMB S75416) internal genitalia, dorsal view. C = conductor; E = embolus; Es = embolic sclerite; T = tegulum; (TS)1–3 = tegular sclerites 1–3. Scale bars: A–B = 1.0 mm; E = 0.2 mm.
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