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Proof of concept for displaying references in ALA

This demo shows one way to enhance the display of taxonomic names and associated literature in the "Names" tab for a taxon in ALA. The demo is "live" in that all results are generated by querying Ozymandias. Here are some examples to try. Note that the categories "paywall" and "free to read" need not apply to all the papers listed, just some. We use Unpaywall to locate legally free versions you can read.


Free to read

Museums Victoria

Western Australian Museum

Australian Museum

Other examples

Feel free to try other examples, but remember that (for the purposes of this demo) the taxon name must be for an animal in AFD, and the name must be exactly as in the corresponding ALA page. This is because all the data comes from Ozymandias (which uses data from AFD), and the demo doesn't do approximate search matching like the ALA website itself, it simply takes the taxon name as given and searches on that.